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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

José Luis Tallón <jltallon@adv-solutions.net> writes:

> People, please... ask for a clarification from the FSF or something if
> necessary, but this "preferred form for modification" only applies to
> *software* not *data*

Apparently, Debian has just decided that there is only Software, not
Programs and Data.  All arguments that tried to show that it makes
sense to treat some Software differently didn't bear fruit.

Se basic argument was that we don't have a Popper-like
Abgrenzungskriterium[1], and therefore we must treat Programs and Data
in the same way.  I've worked on an Abgrenzungskriterium from time to
time, but unfortunately without any results so far.

1. According to Popper (after some simplification), the
   Abgrenzungskriterium between physics (or empirical science) and
   metaphysics (non-empirical science at best, hogwash at worst) is
   falsifiability.  A theory is emprical if it can, in principle, be
   contradicted by an actual experiment.  For example, General
   Relativity is falsifiable, but the strict many-worlds
   interpretation of quantum mechanics is not.

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