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Re: Social Contract GR's Affect on sarge

On Mon, 26 Apr 2004 20:14:29 +0200, Xavier Roche <rocheml@httrack.com> said: 

> Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> *Shrug*. At least you can't say that this GR was secretly snuck in
>> when you were not looking, or that no one reminded you to vote.

> But the consequences (ie., the firmware/documentation problem) was
> absolutely not clear.

> "Editorial amendments to the social contract" vs "Explicit Exclusion
> of non-software binary elemements such as firmwares"

	Since the old social contract was meant to be applied to
 everything on the Debian CD, there is no difference between the old
 SC and the new SC. The new one just is clearer. Hence, editorial

 As Branden said:
> The Social Contract did not say: Debian Will Remain 100% Free
> Software and Some Other Things That Aren't Software But Which Are
> Also Free But Meet a Different Definition Of Free Than That Which
> Applies to Software, Plus Some Other Stuff That Isn't Free By Any
> Stretch Of The Imagination But Which We Thought Would Be Nice To
> Have.

> Yes, I was careless because of the vague GR title. But was I the
> only one ?  80% of all DD were okay with this GR ?  More than 50%
> voting participation with "Status of the non-free section", and only
> 20% with this one, which also has great consequences ?

> Weird, isn't it ?

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