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Re: Bug#133578: gdm bug #133578. Intend to NMU.

* Mathieu Roy 

| Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> wrote:
| > Thanks for understanding what I meant my words to mean to say instead
| > of playing games with the semantics of said words.
| Indeed you should be grateful to him for backing you up, after such an
| off-topic reply you made.

It was not off-topic; it confirmed that his interpretation was along
the lines of what I intended to convey.

| We talked about whether a maintainer is entitled to
| refuse after more than a year a bug and then you questioned the
| importance of the bug by claiming that Debian is an English-speaking
| project -- we dont care, we talk about Debian an OS here.

No, I merely commented that it wasn't important to all non-english
speakers.  You replied by claiming that by my argument making GDM have
French as it's default language would be just as sane.  I countered
that argument by explaining that the default language of the Debian
project and thereby its tools is English, not French.  You decided to
quote a single line of an argumentation out of context; by doing such
things you can get people to say more or less anything.

You continue your argument by attacking straw-men and bordering on the
edge of ad-hominem.  I have no idea why this is suddenly something of
a personal attack to you, it's not my intention at least.

| Vince now explain that the bug is not critical: wonderful, but where
| did he found someone saying that this bug is critical? Nobody is
| claiming that this bug is critical. This bug is annoying, nothing
| more. 

You claimed it was important to all non-english speakers.  I said it

| But a annoying bug should not be left for two years while
| harmless fixes exists.

That the fix is harmless is your opinion.  It's not shared by

| That's the point. And the fact that the Debian project is
| English-speaking or the fact that the bug is not critical does not
| really matters.

Please, re-read the thread any to to understand what I'm trying to

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