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Re: Bug#133578: gdm bug #133578. Intend to NMU.

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> wrote:

> * Vince 
> | I don't think he's trying to say the bug shouldn't be fixed, only that
> | it's not critical.  There's no data loss involved, the software manages
> | to perform its stated function.  All he's pointing out is that at worst,
> | people often know a few English words, so it won't be that bad.  After
> | all, if people just saw the kernel boot and display messages in English,
> | they can probably also cope with gdm in English without fainting :)
> |
> | That doesn't mean that the bug shouldn't be fixed.. simply that it's not
> | critically severe, something I think you would agree with.  The only
> | reason you're so worked up about it is that the bug has existed for 2
> | years and the maintainer refuses to apply a patch that you think is OK.
> Thanks for understanding what I meant my words to mean to say instead
> of playing games with the semantics of said words.

Indeed you should be grateful to him for backing you up, after such an
off-topic reply you made.

We talked about whether a maintainer is entitled to
refuse after more than a year a bug and then you questioned the
importance of the bug by claiming that Debian is an English-speaking
project -- we dont care, we talk about Debian an OS here.

Vince now explain that the bug is not critical: wonderful, but where
did he found someone saying that this bug is critical? Nobody is
claiming that this bug is critical. This bug is annoying, nothing

But a annoying bug should not be left for two years while
harmless fixes exists. That's the point. And the fact that the Debian
project is English-speaking or the fact that the bug is not critical
does not really matters.

Mathieu Roy

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