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Re: Bug#133578: gdm bug #133578. Intend to NMU.

Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@raw.no> wrote:
> | We talked about whether a maintainer is entitled to
> | refuse after more than a year a bug and then you questioned the
> | importance of the bug by claiming that Debian is an English-speaking
> | project -- we dont care, we talk about Debian an OS here.
> No, I merely commented that it wasn't important to all non-english
> speakers.  You replied by claiming that by my argument making GDM have
> French as it's default language would be just as sane.  I countered
> that argument by explaining that the default language of the Debian
> project and thereby its tools is English, not French.  You decided to
> quote a single line of an argumentation out of context; by doing such
> things you can get people to say more or less anything.

The fact that Debian is an English-speaking project is irrelevant. As
Debian is a distribution that claims to be universal, it should not
require users to understand English, at all. Even if currently it

> You continue your argument by attacking straw-men and bordering on the
> edge of ad-hominem.  I have no idea why this is suddenly something of
> a personal attack to you, it's not my intention at least.

I do not get where you see something personal. A contrario, we are
just speaking about Debian here.

> | Vince now explain that the bug is not critical: wonderful, but where
> | did he found someone saying that this bug is critical? Nobody is
> | claiming that this bug is critical. This bug is annoying, nothing
> | more. 
> You claimed it was important to all non-english speakers.  I said it
> wasn't.

Yes, I said it was _important_.  If I meant _critical_ I would have
wrote _critical_. Apart from that, you made your point: it is not
important for all non-english speakers. But that's mainly due to the
fact that Debian currently get a specific audience, that understand
english (otherwise, they probably would not be able to install
it). But Debian claims to have an universal goal: so the audience of
Debian is not supposed to be specific and things should be done to
avoid restricting access to Debian. Having an operating system
completely i18ned and i10ned is a way to make Debian universal.

Before the release of sarge, it make sense to pay little attention to
that, even if we know that it makes no real different due to the
current audience of Debian.

> | But a annoying bug should not be left for two years while
> | harmless fixes exists.
> That the fix is harmless is your opinion.  It's not shared by
> everyone.

Please give me a pointer to a message that confirms that this bug
break (do harm) to something. The only thing against is the fact that
it is not clean to use environment that way -- there is no breakage

Mathieu Roy

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