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Re: Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card under construction

Ummm... I am starting with the Spanish translation. I have a couple of
questions so far:

- About the GPL notice: There are four unofficial translations of the
  GPL to Spanish in gnu.org, but no official translation. Should I
  leave it then in English? I translated it as well as I could, but of
  course, I don't want to be held responsable for a legal mistake
- In the 'Getting help' section:
  + First entry: 'man' does not give 'online help' in the sense many
    people understand it - Online is nowadays a synonim to 'in
    Internet'. I suggest changing it to 'Read manual page...' 
  + When mentioning README.Debian, 'contains specialties' sounds... At
    best, ambiguous. Why not 'Debian-specific information'? 

I have to go, but expect more :)


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