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Re: more evil firmwares found

Matthew Garrett wrote:
> On the other hand, I don't believe it belongs in main. We've made a
> commitment to providing only Free software in main, and having a maze of
> twisty special-case exemptions wouldn't improve anybody's life. The
> right thing to do is probably to find some way of clearly providing
> software that says "This is not Free software, but we do not believe
> that its non-Freeness impacts upon you in any desperately significant
> way". But given that we're happy to provide GFDLed material in Sarge,
> and that has a somewhat greater impact on useful freedom than this
> firmware does, I think it's something we should leave until Sarge+1.
> We're already compromising our principles, so we should get the damn
> release out so we can think about how we can avoid doing so in future.

I agree with both points.

From the perspective of wanting to get a release out, with a working
installer, this is a collossal pain. Some of the drivers that are
already being removed[1], such as tg3, are amoung the ones most commonly
used. At a minimum this will mean much wasted time on the part of the
debian-installer team explaining to users that support for these devices
is no longer part of Debian. (I hope you don't mind if we forward all
such correspondance to this mailing list..) At the worst, it will delay
the release of sarge by weeks or months as we design and put together an
new infastructure to support non-free drivers in the installer. It will
be very disappointing and de-motivating to us if, after all our hard
work, the resulting installer is unusable because it supports less
hardware then does woody's.

see shy jo

[1] so far only from 2.6 so it has not impacted d-i yet

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