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Re: more evil firmwares found

* Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org) [040413 01:25]:
> From the perspective of wanting to get a release out, with a working
> installer, this is a collossal pain. Some of the drivers that are
> already being removed[1], such as tg3, are amoung the ones most commonly
> used. At a minimum this will mean much wasted time on the part of the
> debian-installer team explaining to users that support for these devices
> is no longer part of Debian. (I hope you don't mind if we forward all
> such correspondance to this mailing list..) At the worst, it will delay
> the release of sarge by weeks or months as we design and put together an
> new infastructure to support non-free drivers in the installer. It will
> be very disappointing and de-motivating to us if, after all our hard
> work, the resulting installer is unusable because it supports less
> hardware then does woody's.

I agree with you both. Please, let's release sarge now, and solve this
problem in a clean way afterwards.

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