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Re: Bug#243129: NMU in DELAYED/3-DAY

On Apr 12, 2004 at 21:19, Marc Dequènes praised the llamas by saying:
> David Pashley <david@davidpashley.com> writes:
> > I have uploaded a NMU fixing this bug into DELAYED/3-DAY. I have
> > included the diff.
> But u should have taken care of your chocolate eggs instead.
It was the first FTBFS package on the RC bug list. I didn't quite notice
the day the bug had been filed. It is in DELAYED/3-DAY; by all means
delete it. It was not meant as an insult on your ablities as a
developer. I was just trying to help.
> Some history :
> arkrpg was buggued for a srange FTBFS problem in 2004-04-11.
> David Pashley decided a delayed 3-days nmu on 2004-04-12.
> This pkg is building on all architectures because many problems have
> already been corrected. Since a while no build problems have been
> reported, and upstream version has not changed since a long time.
> No bug on my own pkgs have taken more than a week to be adressed.
> As this is not a really grave bug, and as i am taking care of my
> pakages, i see no real reason for nmu-ing only one day after the bug
> report.
> Moreover, this person should have forgotten about Easter week.
> Mr David Pashley, you should really reread 5.11.3 of Debian Developer's
> Reference on how and when do an NMU.
> Consequently, your silly upload is solving the problem for this person
> but you added a Build-Depends without thinking of its real utility.
> How can you explain this pkg is not missing on so many other systems ?
> How can you argue a sdl+mesa program which is never using other X/Xt
> functions directly needs such a (static, what is nmore) library ?
> It rather seem a quick dirty hack !
> So now it is like i've got a knife on my throat, like if i was one of
> the so many maintainers uploading a fix twice a year on their packages.
> What to do if i've got more important problems to solve on other
> packages ? leave this dirty NMU enter unstable ? or upload a dummy pkg
> to avoid this crap ?
> NMU is for serious problems, serious reasons, and i disagree my pkgs
> being damaged like this.
> Sometimes, i really wonder why some are working hard to be proud entering
> Debian, and why some already inside think they can do everything,
> especially on non-DD...

David Pashley
Nihil curo de ista tua stulta superstitione.

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