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native packages


I noticed that many new maintainers (me too) often made mistake and
built debian-native packages instead of normal one (those with .diff.gz).
In fact, not only new maintainers are making this mistake. I've seen some
changelogs with the following text:

* Doh! I don't know how it happened, but previous package was built as native

I suppose that normal packages are more than 90% of all.

So why don't we provide some additional header or file in debian subdirectory
to mark native packages?

I mean we've got many useful utilities used to build packages. 
So maybe dh_make should add additional template file (or header).
Something like debian/native.ex with the following information:

# If you intend to build native package, please rename this file to
# native (without suffix), otherwise just delete it.

Then linda and lintian could easily check if this file exist, and if
not, then they could check if package contains .diff.gz file.
If not -> show error/warning.

This could be handled with some header in control file instead of
additional file in debian subdirectory. I don't know... maybe some
Native: yes/no.

Well that's my suggestion only, I'm not DD and I'm not even good
programmer, so I probably won't provide any code to acomplish it, but
maybe someone else could be so kindly and code it.

I'll be thankful for comments.
For me it would be very useful, because I always check packages with
linda/lintian, and not always notice that there is no diff.gz file.
I suppose that there is more such people.


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