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Re: more evil firmwares found

Norbert Tretkowski wrote:

* John Hasler wrote:

Debian distributes the kernel.

Looks like Debian distributes a castrated version of the kernel in the

To maintain integrity with both itself, and with its' users, I see the migration away from non-free in all aspects as necessary.
I should propose that this is a gradual process and not the immediate 'castration' that is going to estrange Debian from its' user base, and possibly the rest of the linux community.

You do not get to walk unaided by throwing all your crutches away immediately, it must be a gradual process, otherwise you can end up being even more crippled than you were when you started.
It might be necessary to establish yet another project to create alternatives to these non-free firmware issues.
I believe that this is the necessary step to create a base for the concentrated focus required.
Regards, David.

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