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Re: exim4-config: doesn't support smarthost with local mail and rewriting

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 03:52:12AM -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:
> Also the question for /etc/mailname isn't clear I think it should be the
> hostname of the box they are configuring, right? If you set it to the
> domain name of your mail provider then exim thinks all users are local.
> If you set it to your hostname then it doesn't do rewriting!

Marc Haber, Chris Cheney, Adam Conrad and me had a rather extensive
discussion about that on IRC. The real culprit seems indeed to be
/etc/mailname. Policy and mailname(5) both define mailname as the
visible domain part of outgoing mail. Exim[1] has used it both for that
purpose and as part of the list of domains that are local, i.e. that
should be delivered locally.

The fix I intend to implement is to stop to *always* include
/etc/mailname in local_domains and instead only to add it as default
for "dc_other_hostnames" in debconf. This should fix this bug *and*
not break any upgrades of existing installations.
                cu andreas
PS: I know this too short but I lack the energy currently for writing
an exhaustive essay. ;-)
[1] eximv3, eximv4 and postfix

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