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exim4-config: doesn't support smarthost with local mail and rewriting

severity 229911 grave

I think this bug deserves to be a lot higher than wishlist for one very
big reason... read the thread on debian-devel about people filing bugs
via reportbug.

Since exim4 is the default MTA for Debian the fact that an average user
cannot set it up in a way to make their email actually work is quite

The big issue here is more people will want to set it up via:

"mail sent by smarthost; received via SMTP or fetchmail"

Also the question for /etc/mailname isn't clear I think it should be the
hostname of the box they are configuring, right? If you set it to the
domain name of your mail provider then exim thinks all users are local.
If you set it to your hostname then it doesn't do rewriting!

So how are users going to file bugs on packages in Debian or otherwise
communicate with the outside world via email?

The rewriting debconf question is key here! It should not be put off
until after sarge is released, IMHO it should hold up the sarge release.

Chris Cheney

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