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Re: Renaming packages

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On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 01:38:18AM -0500, Evan Prodromou wrote:
> I'm closing these three bugs asking for a rename of the packages
> terminal, imageviewer, and projectcenter.

Please reconsider. (As Josip and others has discussed on the list)

Just pick sensible names for the packages and commands.

> The software installed by Debian package "terminal" is called
> "Terminal". The software installed by Debian package "imageviewer" is
> called "ImageViewer". The software installed by the Debian package
> "projectcenter" is called "ProjectCenter". Naming packages according
> to the upstream software title is, I believe, a suggested practice.

With funny capitalization, software command name may be OK but all lower
case package name is not sensible thing to do.

For all these X-GUI program, command file name are secondary value and
menu entry has more impact to the user experience.

Name grabbing by X-GUI program has little added values while
contaminating name space.  Some prefix to indicate group of X-GUI
subclass will have real benefit.

> I'm not trying to be recalcitrant; I just don't feel like going
> through the trouble of renaming the packages without good reason. I'll
> be happy to rename any one of these packages if a more important
> package or pseudo-package comes along that needs the name. I'll be
> happy to comply with official or unofficial naming conventions for
> GNUstep apps.

Do not you think "making GNUstep apps easy to find by the user" is a
very "good reason"?  Just add "gnustep-" as some other packages.  Why


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