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Re: Bug#241614: Renaming packages

>>>>> "OA" == Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> writes:

    OA> With funny capitalization, software command name may be OK but
    OA> all lower case package name is not sensible thing to do.

?? AFAIK all Debian packages have to have lowercase package names.

    OA> For all these X-GUI program, command file name are secondary
    OA> value and menu entry has more impact to the user experience.

None of my GNUstep packages install helper scripts into /usr/bin
anymore. It was too much of a pain to maintain.

All of them use "GNUstep" as menu hints.

    OA> Do not you think "making GNUstep apps easy to find by the
    OA> user" is a very "good reason"?  Just add "gnustep-" as some
    OA> other packages.  Why not?

Because the other packages prefixed with "gnustep-" are part of the
official GNUstep project. Also because if I do it now, and later it's
decided that GNUstep application packages have to be named "*-gnustep"
or "*.app", I have to rename the packages again.


Evan Prodromou

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