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Re: Renaming packages

Evan Prodromou dijo [Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 12:06:57PM -0500]:
>     MB> A reasonable solution is to rename the packages gnustep-FOO.
> 'terminal' is not part of the GNUstep environment the way gnustep-make
> or gnustep-gui are. It's an application that uses GNUstep.

gnustep-foo sounds, yes, as if it were an official gnustep
package. This not often the case in our archive - For example, you
have 80 packages with 'gnome' as the first letters of their name. I am
not a Gnome user, but I don't think all of them are official - i.e.,
you have gnome-pim - Wouldn't the PIM role be officialy Evolution's
realm? (my example might not be right, but you will probably be able
to find more cases, I just did a quick check). And it is important to
show with which environment your application is designed to work/feel

On the other hand, you could call it 'terminal-gnustep', as many
libraries are called. Once again, talking about Gnome, I found 30
packages called foo-gnome. Things such as r-gnome, vim-gnome or
junior-gnome are clearly not part of the Gnome project. You might
like better this scheme.

Anyway, I do also think the plain package names are somehow
misleading. The binary will still be called terminal, but the package
will clearly show what it really is.


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