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Renaming packages

I'm closing these three bugs asking for a rename of the packages
terminal, imageviewer, and projectcenter.

Sorry for the list noise; the bug reporter used what appears to be a
fake email address to report these bugs, but mentioned debian-devel in
the bugs, so I figured I'd CC the list in hopes that he gets this

The software installed by Debian package "terminal" is called
"Terminal". The software installed by Debian package "imageviewer" is
called "ImageViewer". The software installed by the Debian package
"projectcenter" is called "ProjectCenter". Naming packages according
to the upstream software title is, I believe, a suggested practice.

The short and long descriptions for these packages are clear as to
what they do and what they require. None of the packages has a naming
conflict with any current package. None of the files installed
conflict with the files installed by any current package (AFAIK -- if
someone knows of one, please re-open a bug). None of the packages is
marked more important than it actually is, or is in a weird section.

In other words: I don't think anything here is technically defective
nor out of order with Debian policy. I don't think there's anything
misleading or conflicting. 

I'm not trying to be recalcitrant; I just don't feel like going
through the trouble of renaming the packages without good reason. I'll
be happy to rename any one of these packages if a more important
package or pseudo-package comes along that needs the name. I'll be
happy to comply with official or unofficial naming conventions for
GNUstep apps.


Evan Prodromou

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