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Re: m68k arch falling ever behind

Daniel Kobras <kobras@debian.org> writes:

> On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 06:36:25PM +0100, Roman Hodek wrote:
> > > Needs-Build is primarily ordered by priority and section, build
> > > status, then alphabetically by package name.
> > 
> > Yep. To be fully exact, the order of packages is not implemented in
> > buildd, but in wanna-build, and the default order compares the
> > following fields in that order:
> > 
> >  - status (out-of-date > uncompiled)
> >  - priority (required > important > ...)
> >  - section (libs > base > devel > ...)
> >  - package name
> [...]
> > > Erm, not really well working for todays problems anymore. There are
> > > better distributing schemes than that one w-b uses.
> > 
> > Which ones do you suggest?
> > 
> > IMHO dpkg, e.g., is more important to rebuild than some kde prog :)
> Taking urgency into account is the one--presumably simple--addition that
> springs to mind. Something like status -> priority -> urgency -> section
> -> name, or even status -> urgency -> priority -> section -> name.
> Building a package fixing an RC bug can arguably be more important than
> a new dpkg with updated translations.
> Regards,
> Daniel.

- the number of packages waiting on the package to be build

- the number of depends on the package (as a general measure of
  importance) maybe weighted by priority of the packages.

- the number of uninstallable packages caused by this package

- the number of (RC) bugs fixed by the upload

- the age of the package (to some degree) [Building a 3 month old KDE
  is more important than yesterdays bash]

- the compile time / disk usage of the package (small builds first)
\ the cpu/disk power of the buildd wanting to build something
  [don't build qt-x11-free on a 68030, use the 68060]

- build packages with similar Build-Depends in sets [give 3 kde
  depending packages to the buildd. Look at the top package and find
  X-1 similar Build-Depends under the first 3*X needs-build packages]

Most importantly the wanna-build should never tell a buildd to build a
package that can't be build anyway( due to its Build-Depends).
Installing the build-depends for an hour just to figure out that one
of them isn't new enough is a big waste (OK, the buildd shouldn't do
that but check that first). Its wastefull to have the buildds check
and recheck that every so often instead of the wanna-build doing it


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