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Re: m68k arch falling ever behind

> Needs-Build is primarily ordered by priority and section, build
> status, then alphabetically by package name.

Yep. To be fully exact, the order of packages is not implemented in
buildd, but in wanna-build, and the default order compares the
following fields in that order:

 - status (out-of-date > uncompiled)
 - priority (required > important > ...)
 - section (libs > base > devel > ...)
 - package name

Note that Section: libs is pushed up, because such packages are often
needed by other packages...

But the order isn't hardwired, a individual buildd could request a
different one by giving the --list-order argument to wanna-build

> Erm, not really well working for todays problems anymore. There are
> better distributing schemes than that one w-b uses.

Which ones do you suggest?

IMHO dpkg, e.g., is more important to rebuild than some kde prog :)


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