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m68k arch falling ever behind

It appears m68k is getting more behind in building packages as each day
passes. The actual graph shows peaks and valleys, but the overall trend
appears to be slanted upward fairly steeply. It is currently up to a
269 package backlog. Is anything being done to rectify this situation?
One of the packages I maintain, taglib, was uploaded on Mar 10 and has
yet to even be attempted. It built on most other arches the day it was
uploaded. I just checked and its still in the middle of the queue on
m68k, Also I just noticed that some of my other KDE packages are even
further down in the queue. :< Which means they all have little hope of
ever being built since the buildds use LIFO ordering. IMHO This is an
example of why it is not a good idea to build in LIFO order. LIFO
ordering can be good if your buildd system is capable of ever catching
up, but as seen with several of the archs, not just m68k, this happens
very rarely.

Chris Cheney


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