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Re: m68k arch falling ever behind

* Roman Hodek (roman@hodek.net) [040325 18:55]:
> > Erm, not really well working for todays problems anymore. There are
> > better distributing schemes than that one w-b uses.

> Which ones do you suggest?

A combination of different criteria:
- Automatic recognization of build-dependencies (w/o need for any
  buildd for action before going to build-dep)
- The current ones are really good
- Packages with lot of dependend before packages with less, weighting
  depended ones in dep-wait even more.
- Urgency
- For architectures with more than one buildd: Memory and speed of the
  buildd is taken into account, i.e. slow buildds don't get heavy

> IMHO dpkg, e.g., is more important to rebuild than some kde prog :)

That's granted.

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