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Re: Configuration (File) System

On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 12:14, Murat Demirten wrote:
> I think in the future Linux distributions have to develop new filesystems for 
> package managenment. It's time to start thinking about advanced package 
> managenment systems (backward compatibility must not be important). If 
> package managenment implemented in file system level, we'll have more genius 
> systems. So, CFS can be an internal part of a such a new file system, don't 
> make borders on your imagination about CFS :)
> murat,

I think what you describe comes fairly close to the utility's that
enable you to mount tar's (and tar.gz's, ...). Just browse inside the
tar, without ever really extracting a file to disk. Do the same with
.deb's and get rid of "installing" packages. 

With or without such filesystem based package management, cfs would come
in handy anyway, since all software tends to use their own format for
configuring instead of a standard. 

Maybe I'm completely missing your point, it's your turn now :p, maybe
you can give an example of how you think the ideal package management
enabled fs would work.

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