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Configuration (File) System

Currently I'm working on a technology to be able to represent
configuration files as filesystems. The whole thing is outlined at
http://users.pandora.be/paranet/CFS.htm , but I'll try to sumarize it
shortly in here. (Note: the source is not online, I'll try to upload it
someday near to developer.berlios.de , project CFS)

Basic concept of the whole thing is that you can mount for example your
apache config as a filesystem and then be able to edit your config just
by using FS functions (open/read/write/..). The configs will be parsed
and converted into a directory structure, in which files represent
single configuration parameters. Comments & whitespacing will off course
be preserved, to prevent cluttering up your custom config too much.
(more details, visit the above url)

I think this could be an interesting technology to use in combination
with debconf, eg. get rid of all those "search & replace in config file"
configurations that are used atm. 

I welcome all your comments, thoughts and participation on cfs.


J. Hermans

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