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Re: portmap & network filesystems in /etc/rcS.d

In article <[🔎] 1079355556.5346.56.camel@minas-tirith.u-bordeaux3.fr>,
Patrice Fortier  <Patrice.Fortier@u-bordeaux3.fr> wrote:
>I write this mail because I saw that on a debian, portmap (and networked
>filesystems) where started in single user mode (boot single).

Correct - filesystems in /etc/fstab are mounted.

>I must admit that I'm a bit surprised (well, very surprised :)), as 
>I always thought that single user mode was for a very minimalistic
>configuration (ie: (almost) no services).


>The current configuration means that even on "rescue" mode, portmap,
>nfs mounts, samba mounts and netware mounts are launched. I find it
>disturbing for a rescue mode (if something goes wrong with portmap or
>nfs, you're fried).

No, not in rescue mode. Only in single user mode, and yes, those are

>Does anybody know the reason for this?

The basic idea is that you ONLY mount networked filesystems
through /etc/fstab if they are crucial for the initial booting.
E.g., /usr on NFS.

All other network filesystems should be mounted with automount,
so that they are mounted on demand instead of always.

So it's a local configuration issue.


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