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portmap & network filesystems in /etc/rcS.d


I write this mail because I saw that on a debian, portmap (and networked
filesystems) where started in single user mode (boot single).

I must admit that I'm a bit surprised (well, very surprised :)), as 
I always thought that single user mode was for a very minimalistic
configuration (ie: (almost) no services).

The current configuration means that even on "rescue" mode, portmap,
nfs mounts, samba mounts and netware mounts are launched. I find it
disturbing for a rescue mode (if something goes wrong with portmap or
nfs, you're fried).
Note that these services are started when syslog isn't even started
(and won't be started in boot single). Idem for klogd...

Does anybody know the reason for this?

Patrice Fortier.

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