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Re: portmap & network filesystems in /etc/rcS.d

Le lun 15/03/2004 à 17:47, Miquel van Smoorenburg a écrit :
> In article <[🔎] 1079355556.5346.56.camel@minas-tirith.u-bordeaux3.fr>,
> Patrice Fortier  <Patrice.Fortier@u-bordeaux3.fr> wrote:

> >I write this mail because I saw that on a debian, portmap (and networked
> >filesystems) where started in single user mode (boot single).
> Correct - filesystems in /etc/fstab are mounted.
> >I must admit that I'm a bit surprised (well, very surprised :)), as 
> >I always thought that single user mode was for a very minimalistic
> >configuration (ie: (almost) no services).
> True.

> >Does anybody know the reason for this?
> The basic idea is that you ONLY mount networked filesystems
> through /etc/fstab if they are crucial for the initial booting.
> E.g., /usr on NFS.

I'd be interested to know how many computers are in this case.
No server, no workstation, and even no diskless client is in this

How do you install a debian on this kind of box? Is it a standard

> All other network filesystems should be mounted with automount,
> so that they are mounted on demand instead of always.

Hum, so you assume that people use automount even for simple
nfs mounts (ie: /home)?
Even if I agree with you on the principle, I think the reality is
quite different :).

For exemple I always exepected to see portmap started in
/etc/rc3.d/S1?portmap... ;o)

> So it's a local configuration issue.

Not really.
This is a local configuration issue for the _very few_ boxes mounting
Diskless stations are not really concerned, and for the std workstations
or servers this is a problem:
I can't even see a good reason to have portmap and nfs/samba mounts
launched in boot single mode. Boot single is here to boot with _no_
network service started(*). 
The syslog & klogd facilities aren't even started at this stage!

So, as the case you show is _very_ particular, maybe there is an other
(cleaner) way to solve it than starting portmap & disk mounts in boot
single (and making the portmap start an option btw :))?
If this kind of box require a special install, we have at least a
starting point.

(*) As a sidenote, the LSB recommands that the network services should
be started in /etc/rc3.d/ (but debian doesn't make any difference
between run-levels 2-5, so /etc/rc2.d/).

Patrice Fortier.

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