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Re: What the hell is happening to Debian ? (and FLOSS in general)

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo@debian.org> wrote:

>> I wasn't pointing the finger at anyone. I took those 2 situations as
>> examples; I could have taken other examples, like the GNOME situation
>> (it's not terribly bad either, but it could really be better, with a
>> bit more cooperation).
>  Sorry, but what is the problem with GNOME? I only want to know, and
>  raise relevant things to debian-gtk-gnome, where they belong.

Nothing terribly bad :) The debian-gtk-gnome guys are trying to get
most of the GNOME packages maintained by a team, which is a good
thing. I really believe that for such a large set of packages, team
maintenance is the only good way.

I find it a pity that some maintainers of GNOME-related packages
refuse to join this team.

I'm not involved in the maintenance of core GNOME packages, so I won't
comment further on that.


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