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Re: What the hell is happening to Debian ? (and FLOSS in general)

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Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> wrote:

> Sometimes, when dpkg breaks, users can't install new packages.  It needs more
> care and thought.

Of course, I know that. And I also know that unstable is called
unstable for a reason. People running unstable should know how to
recover from a broken dpkg (provided the buggy dpkg doesn't screw up
the whole package database etc... even if it does, there are backups).

A broken dpkg in unstable would be detected pretty fast, I think.

> Well, it wasn't *I* who didn't follow the rules here.  I am *trying* to work
> with people.  I hate people who don't.

I wasn't pointing the finger at anyone. I took those 2 situations as
examples; I could have taken other examples, like the GNOME situation
(it's not terribly bad either, but it could really be better, with a
bit more cooperation).

That being said, I read the "unapproved dpkg nmu" thread before
replying, and I now get a better picture of what happened and why
you are pissed.

I'm sorry for your father, must have been a very hard time.


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