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Re: ITH: gdm -- GNOME Display Manager

>>>>> "MR" == Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org> writes:

    MR> In my opinion, "serious objection" to Josselin Mouette
    MR> proposal have no ground if we are talking about procedure.

Sorry, but I'm unaware of any other discussions joss@ has had with
Ryan. I don't think a post on d-d really counts as making contact with
the current maintainer.

I think choosing to adopt a package without the maintainer's consent
should be a last resort, and that if you do that, you should show that
you've taken all the other steps possible to correct the situation
before coming to the last resort.

Like this:

     "I've contacted Ryan several times through private email, and
     received no response. Patches submitted against bugs on the
     package have not been applied. There's been no indication that
     the current maintainer has a plan for the package or that the
     package's state is dependent on other factors (upstream or the
     Gnome packages in general). The package hasn't been updated in __
     months, and it has __ critical and __ non-critical bugs. It is __
     versions behind upstream. I've talked to debian-qa, and rather
     than adopting the package into QA, we think it's better that I
     take it over directly. So, I'm doing that."


Evan Prodromou

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