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Re: What the hell is happening to Debian ? (and FLOSS in general)

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, Julien BLACHE wrote:

> Now, on to the dpkg NMU non-story. What the f*ck ? dpkg is just
> another package, even if it's our package manager. If it has RC bugs
> that aren't being fixed by the maintainers, then it can be NMUed just
> like another package. And should it break, it'd be fixed in another
> upload. No reason to be pissed about that, really; moreover, the NMU
> was uploaded by a well-known DD.

Sometimes, when dpkg breaks, users can't install new packages.  It needs more
care and thought.

> People, please, wake up. I more and more get the feeling that people
> are starting to work one against the other, and that's not how things
> should work in Debian. May I remind you our Constitution, the one we
> all abide by:

Well, it wasn't *I* who didn't follow the rules here.  I am *trying* to work
with people.  I hate people who don't.

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