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Re: Spam on lists? [was: Re: serious problems with Mr. Troup]

On Sat, 21 Feb 2004, Josip Rodin wrote:

> Having said that, I should note that I often happen to be the main
> listmaster who responds to public issues, but not always the main listmaster
> who does the work because I also have many other things to attend to, so I
> get irritated when someone tackles me like this.

I should note that the use of "you" in my last message refers to "you
listmasters", not "you Josip", since I was answering a message in
which you said "will discuss with my fellow listmasters".

I apologize for the improper use of "you" and the irritation that it
may have caused you.

The point I was trying to make is that you (listmasters) would have your
priorities slightly reversed if you cared much more about a GPG-signed
message in a moderated mailing list for being off-topic than about the
hundreds of spam messages in the non-moderated ones. Both things are
list abuse.

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