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Re: Spam on lists? [was: Re: serious problems with Mr. Troup]

On Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 04:54:41AM +1100, Matt Hope wrote:
> > Funny. Do you really care about list abuse? Then please fix Bug #228228,
> > which is the cause for nearly HALF of the spam we receive.
> Regarding your bug, #228228, I've never seen the listmasters claim to
> run razor over the email lists - I don't believe it to be a bug to not
> be doing something you never claimed to be.

Actually we did have razor2 enabled at one point in the list configuration,
but Santiago later said it stopped working. I don't know the specifics,
someone should look at why that is so.

The backstory is that Santiago offered to be a listmaster (one that would
mainly take care of spam, and probably also help with smartlist
configuration) but was rejected, mostly because he's pissing Joey off with
his attitude :) So now every time he gets irritated with the amount of spam
that goes through he rubs the fact we're worse than him in the spam
department in our collective faces. Which is his prerogative, really, just
like it's the prerogative of senior listmasters to veto someone's acceptance
to the group. *shrug*

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