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Proposal for an advanced Debian-QA system

This are some idea for an advanced automatic Debian-qa system:

The Debian-qa and debian devel could develop a system for trace all
upstream version of a software using the Debian/Watch file and uscan
tool and put this info in a db storing relase version, devel/stable
status of the new upstream relase, upstream relase date and (other
useful info?).

Somthing like this:

The package info records on DB could be modified (form a web interface?)
by the package's Mantainer or modifing the watch file in the next upload
version of the package.

So basically Debian Qa, debian Devlopers, and Debian Users could see
what packages are outdated without waiting for a bug labeled "new
upstream release". A very Big view about Debian updated status.

There could be defined alert leves derived from an algorithm based on
factor like:

- missed upstream versions
- bugs collected by package
- date diffs from upstream release and package upload     
- Priorty field in the package
- numer of packages that depend from this one
- end every other useful derivable infos.

So this alert sensors could perform some automatical tasks. For example:

- Defcon 5 Send an automatic alert via email to Debian Qa
- Defcon 4 Send an automatic email to Debian Qa and open an automatic
wishlist or minor bug on the package.
- Defcon 3 Send an automatic alert via email to the Mantainer requesting
info about lack.
- Defcon 2 Debian Qa contact personally the Mantainers for possible
solution to the lack.
- Defcon 1 Global thermonuclear war ;)

This is only a very very rough draft with I hope to open a discussion
about it on this mailing list.

Sorry for my poor english :)


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