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Re: Proposal for an advanced Debian-QA system

On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 10:37:22PM +0100, Bluefuture wrote:
> This are some idea for an advanced automatic Debian-qa system:
> The Debian-qa and debian devel could develop a system for trace all
> upstream version of a software using the Debian/Watch file and uscan
> tool and put this info in a db storing relase version, devel/stable
> status of the new upstream relase, upstream relase date and (other
> useful info?).

please note this check is already implemented in the PTS
(http://packages.qa.debian.org) although not globally but on a per-package
basis. Anyhow it would be easy to extract such informations (PTS stores data
about packages in XML) and sum them in a page or whatever.  This issue (more or
less mandatory debian/watch files) has been already discussed on debian-qa times
ago (check the archives) and I'm starting collecting URLs about every package
without watch file to suggest one to package's maintainer (a long, though not
hard, work... if someone is willing to help is welcome :))

> There could be defined alert leves derived from an algorithm based on
> factor like:
> - missed upstream versions
> - bugs collected by package
> - date diffs from upstream release and package upload     
> (stable/testing/sid/experimental/incoming)
> - Priorty field in the package
> - numer of packages that depend from this one
> - end every other useful derivable infos.

this sounds interesting!

kind regards,
Filippo Giunchedi 
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