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Re: Proposal for an advanced Debian-QA system

Bluefuture, on 2004-02-20, 22:37, you wrote:
> The Debian-qa and debian devel could develop a system for trace all
> upstream version of a software using the Debian/Watch file and uscan
> tool and put this info in a db storing relase version, devel/stable
> status of the new upstream relase, upstream relase date and (other
> useful info?).

Having mandatory debian/watch files in each an every package would at
least be a opportunity to detect MIA maintainers.  But only if two
premises are met: 1) upstream has to be debian/watch-able and 2)
upstream has to release a new version now and then.  These points are
the problems that stand in the way of a regulation that would demand
debian/watch files.


Joerg "joergland" Wendland
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