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Re: Proposal for an advanced Debian-QA system

[cc'ing you because of your Reply-To header (??)]

On Friday 20 February 2004 22:37, Bluefuture wrote:
> This are some idea for an advanced automatic Debian-qa system:
> The Debian-qa and debian devel could develop a system for trace all
> upstream version of a software using the Debian/Watch file and uscan

"What is new about it is not necessarily good and what is good about it, 
is not necessarily new." (roughly translated from german).

I _know_ when my upstream releases. The most important job of the Debian 
maintainer is to cluefully decide whether any released source code is 
valuable and benefits our users.

Enforcing that approach with NM would save the archive from a lot of 
packages with arguable value that become rightfully easily forgotten.

While i don't get angry when i find a reminder of new upstream as a 
wishlist bugreport, i do get angry when i'm forced to pack a new 
upstream although the benefit to the user is actually doubtfull.

[The reason to choose Debian over other distros in the old days was that  
debian pkgs came from maintainers actually using that software, 
shipped with sensible configurations and evtly. additional docs.]

While some of your ideas may be interesting once elaborated, apply to 
others the 'technical solution to a social problem' clause - together 
with 'what Debian wants to stand for', see also the archive for 
'usefullness of the Stable distribution'.

My 2c, have a nice day, martin

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