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Re: Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I found exactly zero occurrences of this practice in the standard Perl
> library and all modules I have installed on my system, and perlvar(1) says
> it is a string, so I imagine this techinque is not very popular.  Have you
> ever used it?  Standardized error handling is a lot less interesting if the
> "standard" is limited to code that you write yourself.

Yes, mooix's error handling throws Mooix::Error objects around, these
generate appropriate stack traces in appropriate contexts, etc. This is
the only system (and it's a very large and complex system) in which I
have ever felt the need to use exceptions in perl.

Anything that depends on liberror-perl will likely throw object based
exceptions too.

see shy jo

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