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Re: Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?

Matthias Urlichs wrote:
>     f=create_a_file(name)
>     try:
>         do_something_insanely_complicated(f)
>     except:
>         os.unlink(f)
>         raise
> What this does is fairly obvious. What's more, this is a fairly standard
> Python idiom which quickly becomes second nature (IMHO).
> Now try the same thing in Perl.

eval {
if ($@) {
	unlink $name;
	die $@;

Of course this is rare, since perl code that is ill-behaved enough to
throw an exception is rare, so it's more standard perl idiom to write:

do_something_insanely_complicated(create_a_file($name)) or unlink($name);

see shy jo

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