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Python or Perl for a Debian maintainance project?


I'm firing up an Alioth project[1] to make an Enterprise grade central
management interface (ala the Red Hat Network) for Debian, and I'm wondering
whether to do it in Perl (which I know) or Python (which I do not, but
wouldn't mind a good excuse to learn).

I notice that a sizable chunk of the backend Debian housekeeping scripts are
Python scripts, but I can't seem to find a package of Debian-specific Python
classes (is this the case?). I haven't looked for something similar for Perl
modules yet.

I'd like to avoid reinventing the wheel, and I'm aiming for something that's
modular and extensible. At this stage, I'd like a Perl or Python interface
to grep-dctrl and possibly an implementation of dpkg --compare-versions

Also, does anyone know if Python has a database abstraction layer (like



[1] http://demi.alioth.debian.org/

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