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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

* Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> [2004-02-14 19:00]:
> > This would be mine.  I wasn't the only one that saw a problem with
> > the NM process at the time.  Improvement in the situation require
> > the DPL stepping in.
> I didn't think the DPL did step in.

Yes, I did.  I did have various discussions with the Debian Accounts
Manager about the situation with my DPL hat on.

> Martin usually makes it very clear when he's acting as the DPL and
> when not, and every time I've ever seen him working on
> new-maintainer issues he's doing that with his NM Front Desk hat on.

That's true.  Usually when I speak for new-maintainre I talk as NM
Front Desk; but in that specific case I did talk to James as DPL;
however, these were private discussions.

> This is an important distinction: acting as the DPL implies going over
> the head of a delegate, while acting as NM Front Desk implies working
> with a delegate. Do you see the distinction?

Hmm, I'd think you can also act as DPL by working with a delegate.  It
doesn't necessarily have to be "over the head of [them]".  (But
perhaps I misunderstand what you're trying to say; in my language,
"over the head" sounds quite negative?  i.e. working against them.)
Martin Michlmayr

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