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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

> > Nathanael has been doing exactly that, as far as I can tell (as one of
> > those assistants). I've found his mails to -release helpful, and I
> > know
> > aj's acted on a number of his suggestions.

> Indeed. Enough that I went looking to see if there was anything to be
> done to get him an account faster so he could be more useful. Unfortunately
> he hadn't, and hasn't, applied. That he's since described Debian as being
> led by hypocrites and incompetents

I thought we where not led by the people Nathanael was critisizing in
this thread.

I believe Nathanael just got massively frustrated from constantly
hitting the wall of silence. Looking around at the RC bug lists
and update excuses really exposes the dark side of debian, IE the
maintainers who do not care about their packages, testing or
answering the bug reports. These blocking people are still
work-aroundable with NMUs or getting their packages kicked out.
However working around a lagged and unresponsive port is a lot 
harder. Apparently developers waiting for their packages or 
depencies compiled should just stfu and wait indefinetly until
the silent gods running the buildd have mercy upon you and compile
the package.

Just to make myself clear, most buildd maintainers do a spectacular
job, all my (mostly stupid) questions and requests have been handled

BTW, where has the "you can be helpfull to debian without being a DD"
argument gone we heard so many times one NM prosess seemed jammed? I
dont remember you saying so, thats not the point. However, I believe
that is a good guideline, we shouldnt discriminate people just because
they are not DD.

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