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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@grep.be> writes:

> Op vr 13-02-2004, om 16:14 schreef Goswin von Brederlow:
> > ignored. One can start to work around it (like asking someone else to
> > build qt-x11-free) instead of waiting for a month in case he is
> > working on the problem but just not telling.
> You're exaggerating; qt-x11-free hasn't even been in unstable for a
> month.

QT didn't take a month, because it got worked around it before
that. But how long should one wait if nobody offers an explanation or
helps to work around it? For QT there was a strong enough reason not
to wait.

Other things take a month, libfilesys-smbclient-perl did:

I had asked this question on this list earlier, but didn't get any response 
from the people responsible for the builds. What's needed to get the package 
to be built successfully?

The entire build logs are here:

[1]: mips:

[2]: mipsel:

The logfiles are from 20031220-0631, the mail Wed, 21 Jan 2004
14:02:45 +0530. Thats a month and well, 23h.

Not sure when he did ask, he doesn't say, but a month passed without a
simple buildd screwup being given back to wanna-build so it can be
retried. A month between the buildd breaking and him asking for help
and getting them.


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