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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

I'm going to pick this apart line by line.

Ben Collins wrote:
> > No, he said "you need to replace them".
> He also said "cannot".

>If they can't put up a few buildd's, I'd hardly call that grounds for
... for months... with people offering to do most of the work for them...

I would.  Specifically, replacement in at least some of the specific jobs 
which act as a bottleneck for adding buildds.  Certainly not in *all* their 
many, many jobs.

>We have more pressing issues than setting up buildd's (like
>the security of our systems).
Not really an issue.  Different people can do different jobs.  Even security 
can be distributed.

> And if they don't have the time to do that
Which apparently they don't.

>(currently, so consider that their time constraints may change),
And if their time constraints change, then they can offer to take those jobs 
back.  We have to deal with reality now, not some hypothetical future reality 
which may or may not happen.

>makes anyone think they'll have time to train someone in doing the
>buildd setups?
They don't need to. Apparently the volunteers know what they're doing already, 
but have been rejected or ignored.  Check with Ingo Juergensmann or Goswin 
von Brederlow, or any number of other people who've been "on the ground" on 
this issue.


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