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Re: Debian needs more buildds. It has offers. They aren't being accepted.

On Friday 13 Feb 2004 4:57 am, Anthony Towns wrote:

> > I think the word that is mentioned most is transparency. A bit more of
> > that and we would be OK.
> More likely it wouldn't make any difference beyond giving the people who
> are already inclined to be upset more excuses.

Hey, nice reasoning. People are upset because we don't tell them anything 
about what we're doing, but they be even more upset if we told them what 
we're REALLY doing. I'm not convinced.

> > Even if it was a simple "F*ck off, we don't want your
> > steenking buildd" we'd know where we stood,
> Are you seriously suggesting that that comment wouldn't be flamed for
> arrogantly dismissing offers of help and declared as being completely
> unacceptable? I trust if such claims are ever made, you'll be criticising
> the complainers for working to suppress transparency.

I didn't mention anything related to flaming or how such information is likely 
to be received. But if the information is put in front of people at least any 
outrage will be informed outrage. Which surely must be better than, er, this.

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