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Re: Top 5 things that aren't in Debian but should be :-)

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 10:23, Steven Leach wrote:
> That's the single nicest thing about OS X.  I tried to reply earlier to 
> the "no way to completely uninstal under OS X" message but I think I 
> accidently sent it to just the original poster instead of to the list.  
> With application bundles, all of the program's resources and binaries 
> are contained in one file (actually a directory, but the file manage 
> shows and treats them as single files).  Move the bundle anywhere you 
> want.  Double click on it and it runs.  Delete it and you just did a 
> complete uninstall.
> I think this is the absolute number one feature of OS X that I would 
> love to see implemented in Linux.

They wish is the infinet's command:



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