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Backporting Mailman and Python2.3?


I'm attempting to backport a recent version of Mailman (the version in woody has some irritating bugs, specific to that generation of code) to woody; from my failures, and googling, it seems python2.1 in woody is much too old to support it.

Backporting python 2.3 has just gotten me muddled up as everything seems to depend on everything else; it seems I'd need to backport /all/ the python's, and any applications that depend on them. I really want to avoid this; I'd prefer to backport /just/ python2.3, which doesn't even exist in woody, so I won't be breaking anything. At least, in theory.

My end goal is to get a more recent version of Mailman running on my woody system; if anybody's already got packages (for mailman, python, or python+mailman), or can give me tips on how to do so, please let me know.




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