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Re: Backporting Mailman and Python2.3?

You can find the backport I made at http://people.debian.org/~bayle/
It's mailman-2.1.2 and seems to be convenient for gforge users.



Le dim 01/02/2004 à 14:24, Ryan Verner a écrit :
> Howdy,
> I'm attempting to backport a recent version of Mailman (the version in 
> woody has some irritating bugs, specific to that generation of code) to 
> woody; from my failures, and googling, it seems python2.1 in woody is 
> much too old to support it.
> Backporting python 2.3 has just gotten me muddled up as everything 
> seems to depend on everything else; it seems I'd need to backport /all/ 
> the python's, and any applications that depend on them.  I really want 
> to avoid this; I'd prefer to backport /just/ python2.3, which doesn't 
> even exist in woody, so I won't be breaking anything.  At least, in 
> theory.
> My end goal is to get a more recent version of Mailman running on my 
> woody system; if anybody's already got packages (for mailman, python, 
> or python+mailman), or can give me tips on how to do so, please let me 
> know.
> Thanks!
> R
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