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Re: Architecture distribution in Debian according to popcon

[Sven Luther]
> Notice that for whatever reason, the mail address which does receive
> the popcon information does believe that my machines are not using
> fully qualified domains, or something such, and thus they get
> rejected by popcon,

Sounds like the requirement of popularity-contest isn't fulfilled.  It
need a working MTA on the host, capable of sending emails out from the host.

> so i somehow seriously doubt the reliability of this info.

Do you have reason to believe that this problem affect some archs more
then others?  If not, the problem should be equally distributed on all
archs, and the stats would be correct relative to each arch.

But thank you for trying.  We will try to make popcon easier to use
and teach the mail server to accept all delivered emails, and not
reject emails from badly configured hosts.

This is the current status:

    1   0.08% ia64
    1   0.08% mips
    1   0.08% arm
    1   0.08% hppa
    1   0.08% x86_64
    1   0.08% s390
    2   0.16% m68k
    5   0.41% alpha
   14   1.14% sparc
   24   1.96% powerpc
 1174  95.84% i386
 1225 100.00% total (ignored 541 without arch info)

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