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Re: w3m -> standard, lynx -> optional

#include <hallo.h>
* Panu Kalliokoski [Thu, Jan 29 2004, 12:02:51PM]:

> Because of this orientedness of links towards everyday users and w3m

Who is the "everyday user"? Do you mean newbies? I just installed elinks
just to test how it has been improved (in the default config) in the
last two years - and it has NOT imho.

 - it is black-white by default
 - you cannot see the links
 - you MUST see the links because of the crappy key control model
   Having TAB to jump between links is a MUST nowadays. Using Cursor
   keys to jump and select is the worst idea that original lynx authors
   ever head
 - the mouse menu is not even as half useful as w3m's pendant, and works
   only on links which are not clearly visible
 - if you enter nothing or a bad url, you got a black screen. Very
 - where is the help or config window? You complain about it in w3m, but
   in Elinks I cannot even FIND IT? h, H, ? do not help.

Du hast abgenommen.
Letztesmal hat das Hemd noch mehr gespannt.
		-- Christel Marquardt

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