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Re: Bug triage for emacs20

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
* Jérôme Marant <jmarant@nerim.net> [2004-01-27 20:27]:

emacs20 has recently been removed from the archive, but there is a
large number of open bugs.  Can anyone who knows Emacs have a look to
see if they still apply to emacs21?  You can find all bugs at

Any volunteers?

Adrian Bunk has already started the job.

There's enough for more than one person.

The three ispell related bugs seem fixed:

38108: normal: emacs:
ispell-change-dictionary doesn't know current installed dictionaries

* Fixed in sarge new dictionaries-common system

64148: wishlist: emacs20:
unable to append a dictionary to ispell-dictionary-alist

* As seen in the bug mailbox, it is possible. I think it can be

160991: normal: emacs20:
ispell uses /usr/dict/words instead of default dictionary

* I think this is also fixed in the new system at sarge, at least I
  could not reproduce it. Asked the bug submitter for feedback.


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